Our Story

Quest for identity is the motivation for everyone in this world. We are no different in that aspect. We identify ourselves as the most efficient in getting things done and serving the needs of this generation and the next by providing the best software for this generation. We deliver better software and not just innovate but also add value to the world.

Our Vision

We humans have a lot to explore. We live in a vast Universe. We want to make this world fast and time efficient and let the human race explore faster. We have a plan for that. We provide software that makes our jobs easier. We provide software that makes us grow faster, be more efficient and get things done faster. Work done quickly and most efficiently is our path for making this world move faster.

Our Technology

What technology we use ? Does it really matter ? We can boast saying we know so many things. But we don’t think that makes an impression. We impress by doing things with what we know and learn quickly what we don’t know. Having knowledge is not sufficient for achieving great things. We know how to use the knowledge and get great things done. This is our technology. We don’t know of any other technology better than this.

what do we make ?

Business Management Software

We develop, provide and maintain all in one business management software that supports almost all kinds of use cases starting from Accounting to Human Resource Management. We provide customised business management software for various types of enterprises including but not limited to Hospitals, Small, Medium and Large Scale Enterprises.

Product Management And Team Management Software

We provide software products to manage your team and products most efficiently without any difficulty. Our products help you boost the performance of your team as well as of your organisation with innovative methods of management.

Our Products


Devdiary is the single most useful application for any organisation or individual which includes all the modules namely Product Development, Marketing, Customer Support, Sales, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting and more..

Devdiary is suitable for any type of organisation either small scale or large scale. It is easy to use with no learning curve. If you use Devdiary, you need no other tool for maintaining your organisation. This is an All In One tool and very easy to use.

You can manage different project, teams and also track your team’s progress on any aspect of the organisation development. You can even use Devdiary as a personal development tool. Devdiary also includes features such as Diary, Notes and more which helps individual users to track their progress and keep track of deadlines. Devdiary includes both ERP features and Personal Development features. It is useful for you whether you are an individual looking to improve your efficiency or an organisation looking to grow. It is free to use for 1 month and has a very minimal subscription fee. Try it now.