Using Sales Module In Devdiary

Sales module in Devdiary is useful for managing and recording sale of your products in your organisation. Recording sales figures and developing new strategies for improving the sales is an essential thing for any organisations success. All the useful features required for managing sales is built into this module. You can manage inventory items, customer details, customer shopping carts and much more using this module. To go into the Sales module click on My Organizations card in your dashboard and click on the appropriate organization. It will take you to the organization modules tab in the organization detail view. Now select the card with Sales in its heading and with icon like below:

Sales Module In Devdiary

Once you click on Sales module card, you will be redirected to the Inventory Items tab in the module detail view. Click on +New Inventory Item to add a new inventory item as shown below:

Adding New Inventory Item

You will be presented with an inventory item details form once you click on the +New Inventory Item button. Fill up the inventory item details and click on Create Inventory Item button to create a new inventory item under your organisation as follows:

Inventory Item Creation Form

Once the inventory item is created, you will be redirected to the inventory items view as below. You need to create inventory items to maintain a record of the sales figures of the inventory item and to facilitate users to select the inventory items and add them to their carts.

Showing All the Inventory Items

Now, let us go into the Customers tab and add a new customer by clicking on the +New Customer button as shown below:

Customer Creation Form

Now, click on the newly created customer list item and you will be redirected to the detail view of the customer into the carts tab. Add a new cart by clicking on the +New Cart button as shown below:

Adding New Cart To Customer

Confirm creating the cart and click on the newly created cart. It will redirect you into the detail view of the cart and into the cart items tab. Now add a new cart item by clicking on the +New Cart Item button as shown below:

Adding Cart Item To Cart

Now, you will be presented with a form to select which inventory item to add to the cart. Select the appropriate inventory item and the quantity and add to the cart as shown below:

Cart Item Form

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