Using Marketing Module In Devdiary

Marketing module in Devdiary helps you in marketing your products and services of your organisation by managing the marketing campaigns and marketing targets and assignments. You can record all the marketing activities done for your organisation in this module. You can maintain a list of prospects and marketing channels in which you are marketing and manage different marketing channels at the same time. To go into the Marketing module click on My Organizations card in your dashboard and click on the appropriate organization. It will take you to the organization modules tab in the organization detail view. Now select the card with Marketing in its heading and with icon like below:

Marketing Module In Devdiary

Once you click on Marketing module card, you will be redirected to the Marketing Campaigns tab in the module detail view. Click on +New Marketing Campaign to add a new marketing campaign as shown below:

Add New Marketing Campaign

You will be presented with a marketing campaign details form once you click on the +New Marketing Campaign button. Fill up the form and click on Create Marketing Campaign button to create a new marketing campaign under your organisation as follows:

Marketing Campaign Creation Form

Now, let us add prospects to our inventory items. Go to inventory items tab and click on one of the inventory items as shown below:

Select Inventory Item For Adding Prospects

Now, click on the +New Prospect button in the prospects tab of inventory item detail view and fill the prospect form as shown below:

Add New Prospect Form

After creating the prospect, you will be shown the list of prospects of the inventory item as shown below. From here, on you can send emails to all your prospects regarding your products and services and record activity in Marketing Activities tab inside Marketing Channels detail view.

Prospects List

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