Using Customer Support Module In Devdiary

Customer Support module in Devdiary helps you in supporting your customers and help your customers in answering their queries regarding your products and services. You can record all the support activities done for your organisation in this module. You can maintain a list of customer queries and tickets using this module. To go into the Customer Support module click on My Organizations card in your dashboard and click on the appropriate organization. It will take you to the organization modules tab in the organization detail view. Now select the card with Customer Support in its heading and with icon like below:

Customer Support Module In Devdiary

Once you click on Customer Support module card, you will be redirected to the Tickets tab in the module detail view. If you already have tickets raised, you will have a list of tickets in this tab. If not, you can create a ticket by going into the inventory items tab and click on one of the inventory items and then going to the tickets tab and clicking the button +New Ticket  to add a new ticket under the inventory item as shown below:

Add New Ticket For Inventory Item

You will be presented with a ticket details form once you click on the +New Ticket button. Fill up the form and click on Create Ticket  button to create a new ticket under the inventory item as follows:

New Ticket Form

Once, ticket is created, you can find the ticket in the Customer Support Module’s Tickets tab as shown below:

Customer Tickets List

Now, click on the ticket and you will be redirected to the appointments tab inside the ticket detail view. Add a new appointment by clicking on the +New Appointment button and filling up the form as shown below:

Ticket Appointment Form

You can do much more with the Customer Support Module such as recording the session details of an appointment, ticket notes etc.

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