Using Product Development Module In Devdiary

Product Development module in Devdiary is useful for managing your team and tasks. All the project management features are built into this module. You can create and manage projects, teams, targets and much more. To go into the Product Development module click on My Organizations card in your dashboard and click on the appropriate organization. It will take you to the organization modules tab in the organization detail view. Now select the card with Product Development in its heading and with icon like below:

Product Development Module In Devdiary

Once you click on Product Development module card, you will be redirected to the Projects tab in the module detail view. Click on +New Project to add a new project as shown below:

Add a new project by clicking on the new project button

You will be presented with a project details form once you click on the +New Project button. Fill up the project details and click on Create Project button to create a new project under your organisation as follows:

Project Creation Form

Once the project is created, you will be redirected to the projects view as below. You can create as many number of projects as you want under you organisation’s name.

Showing All The Projects Under An Organisation

Click on the project you want to manage and you will be redirected to the detail view of the project. The detail view of the above Example Project is shown below:

Project Detail View Of Our Example Project

The default tab in the project detail view is the components tab. A default component is created when you create a project. You can add as many components as you want to the project. Also, you can create teams for the project, create targets or milestones for the project in the project detail view. For now, let us go into the default component and explore what can be done inside a component. Now, click on the default component title and you will be redirected to the detail view of the component as under:

Component Detail View

The default tab in component is Requirements tab. Here we don’t have any requirements. Let us create one or two requirements now. The following figure shows the list view of requirements in our default component:

List View Of Requirements Under Default Component

Also, we can view the requirements in Scrum View as follows:

Requirements Scrum View

You can create tasks inside a requirement and assign to a member of the organisation. Example tasks scrum view is as shown below:

Tasks Scrum View

You can also create Assignments inside tasks for small assignments. The following figure is a demonstration of Assignments under a task in scrum view format.

Assignments Scrum View

Note: Refer to the article on Devdiary For Software Company to get the details about how to create an organisation in Devdiary.

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