Being Productive Using Devdiary

In order to be productive, the first step that we need to take is to set goals. Writing down Goals is a simple thing but it is the most important thing. In order to remind ourselves everyday of our goals, we need to have it written in some place and constantly look at the goals written from time to time so that we focus on our goals minimising distractions that take us away from out goals. Maintaining a Goals Notebook is the best thing that we can do to focus on our goals. We are in a civilization where the most crucial elements of survival depend on science and technology. Once a new technology rolls over us, if we are not part of it, we will be lacking on the society and the civilization. Mainting a notebook and carrying the notebook where ever you go is not appropriate for the civilization that we are living in. For that, we have a tool called the Smart Phone. We can do absolutely everything with our smart phone from where ever we are and when ever we want. If we use the technology in the right way, it could give us power.

Devdiary can help you to be productive and maintain your goals notebook and help you in many ways than you can realise. Devdiary is a suit of software services designed for personal and organisational management. You can manage yourself, your organisation, your team and much more with Devdiary easily and most efficiently. You can use Devdiary on your computer or use the Android app in your mobile phone. Let’s get into the details of how we can use Devdiary to be productive.

When you open Devdiary you will see a screen similar to the following figure:

Devdiary Dashboard

Our first step is setting up our goals notebook. To create a new notebook, go to My Notebooks and click on +New Notebook button as shown below:

Adding New Notebook In Devdiary

You will be presented with a Notebook form after you click on the +New Notebooks button. Fill the name section with the text “Main Goals” and click on Create Notebooks button as show below:

Notebook Form

Notebook will be created and you will be redirected to the detail view of the created Notebook. Let us now add the Personal Development as one of the sub-goals. Now, click on the +New Note in the detail view of the notebook we have just created as shown below:

Adding Sub Goals With New Note Button

Now fill the form with the Note title as “Personal Development” as follows:

New Note Form

After the note is created, you will be redirected into its detail view. Now add a new note item by clicking on the button +New Note Item and fill the note text with “Read A New Book Every Week“. Likewise, you can add so many notebooks, notes, and note items for various purposes and find it everywhere just by going to the Devdiary Android App or using you computer and going to the Devdiary web app.

A gallery of notebooks and notes is shown below for reference:

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