Using Operations Module In Devdiary

Operations module in Devdiary is useful for maintaining the accounts and record the financial transactions of you Organisation. It helps your organisation be in compliance with the local laws. To go to the Operations module click on My Organizations card in your dashboard and click on the appropriate organization. It will take you to the organization modules tab in the organization detail view. Now select the card with Operations in its heading and with icon like below:

Once you click on the Operations card, you will be taken to the Operations detail view. Here you will see various tabs as under:

Ledger Accounts:

You will find a list of predefined Ledger Accounts under Ledger Accounts tab in Operations module detail view as shown in the following image. You can create your own ledger accounts if you need to.

Journal Transactions:

You can record your journal transactions in the Journal Transactions tab. In order to create a journal entry you need to create a journal transaction first, and then you can add journal entries inside the journal transaction as follows:

Journal Transaction Created For Journal Entries Related To Investment From Share Holders

Journal Entries Inside Journal Transaction:

To create Journal Entries in a transaction. If you have just created the Journal Transaction, you will get automatically taken into the Journal Transaction and into the Journal Entries tab. If you came out of the Journal Transaction, go inside the corresponding Journal Transaction by clicking on the transaction code or by clicking the Show button and click on + New Journal Entry button to create a Journal Entry as follows:

Journal Entry Creating Inside A Journal Transaction

Select the Ledger Account under which the journal entry has to be created and also the type of entry (Debit/Credit) as shown below:

Compliance List:

You can have a list of all the compliance details for your organization in the Compliance tab as show below:

List Of Compliance Details For the Organization

You can use many more features of the module by exploring different tabs in the Operations detail view.

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