Devdiary For Software Company

Devdiary is an all in one organisation management software. You can use Devdiary to manage any type of organisation. Here, we will have a look at how Devdiary can help a Software Company. Devdiary has customised features for specific type of organisations. You can make use of those customizations by selecting the appropriate organisation type during the organisation creation. Here is the step by step procedure for creating an organisation for Software Company in Devdiary.

Step 1: Login

Step 2 : Go To My Organizations

Step 3 : Click New Organization Button

Step 4 : Fill The Organization Details

Note: Make sure to select Software Company in the category field

Click on create organization button. Now you will see your organization listed in My Organizations section. You will see all the modules in the organization when you go into the organization by clicking on the organization. By default, when you create the organization, you will be automatically taken into the organization and you will find all the modules as follows:

What Next ?

How to use various modules in the organization is explained in the following articles.

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