Deploy Devdiary On Your Own Server With Docker

You can deploy Devdiary on your own servers using docker-compose. The following are the steps to deploy Devdiary on your own servers using docker and docker-compose.

  • Step 1 : Install docker and docker-compose on your server
  • Step 2 : Create a project directory named devdiary
  • Step 3 : Download docker-compose.yml from here
  • Step 4 : Place the docker-compose.yml inside your project directory
  • Step 5 : Issue command : docker-compose up‘ inside your project directory.

This will bring download all the docker images required for deploying Devdiary and deploys it on your server. If you like to change the config of Devdiary, you can do it by changing docker-compose.yml file.

  • Step 6 : Access your deployment from the browser using the URL: http://<server-ip>:3000
  • Step 7 : You can change the default port inside docker-compose.yml. For example, if you want to run the server on port 80, you can change the line – “3000:3000” to – “80:3000” in docker-compose.yml and run the command ‘docker-compose up‘ again.

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